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Your screenplay will be performed by trained actors, who will bring life to your characters and your story. Any reading flubs are corrected on the spot and edited out afterwards, creating a seamless presentation.

You will be sent a high-quality MP3, which will be cast and edited in typically 1 week.

This is a valuable tool for any writer to get a real feel for their story and how it will play out on the screen.'s Performed Readings are an extremely useful marketing tool as well. Imagine handing someone your screenplay as an audio CD they can listen to in their car, instead of assigning them a stack of papers to read!

This service can be combined with coverage of a screenplay, or done on its own as a completely independent purchase. Please e-mail us at for a consultation on the price for your reading.

“The actors were amazing, the accents and sound quality were perfect. Many times I was chilled and brought to tears. I learned immediately which dialogue could be trimmed and which scenes were perfect. It saves so much time! I just got a request for my screenplay "Rebirth" from a well known production company, and hopefully the performed reading will help seal the deal.” -T.L. Lewis, award-winning author of “Rebirth”

“Wow! Guys, we are so impressed! We absolutely loved the recording. Thank you so much. Our expectations were exceeded by far! We'll definitely recommend you.” -Daniel Mentz & Julia Butler, authors of “The Marriage Myth”

“I am more than satisfied with the job that was done with my screenplay reading, particularly since there must have been rather limited preparation time for the actors. Listening to the performance has been enjoyable and will be useful with modifications. Thanks!” -Ken Ross, author of “Eric's Quest”

“Wow! You and your team are absolutely awesome. I appreciate the quick turn-around and the professional work. Absolutely amazing. The professional reading is going to serve as a tremendous tool as i move forward. It's unbelievable to be able to decipher what lags and what is unnecessary, when you hear it, in lieu of, reading the material. My hat is off to you and your team for such a superb job. ” -Avilov Davis, author of “Hater”

“The recording helped me to quickly pinpoint scenes that needed to be shortened and points of dialogue that could be improved to punch up the conflict and drama even higher. After one listen through, I went back and listened to the recording scene by scene and scored each scene out of 10 for interest/impact. I was amazed how listening, rather than reading, helped me to visualize and experience my work in a different way. In all, a very helpful tool that showed me why Peter Weir listens to his own scripts in his car too! -Sean Ryan, author of “Swap”